iPhone 8 and Star Wars 8 Released the Same Year!–Coincidence? Probably

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iPhone 8 and Star Wars 8 – a “forced” connection?


After extensive online research conducted by this news site and all its related partners and entities, we have officially concluded that there is no connection between the release of Apple’s iPhone 8 and the upcoming film, Star Wars 8, other than the number 8.

Regardless of the fact that the number eight is extremely auspicious in China, and regardless of the fact that they’re both releasing new editions, and that those editions are the eighth one–after seven others–there is no evidence to support this claim.

“The argument lacks any force,” one fan noted.  “It’s superficial and tenuous at best; and may just be a ploy to generate artificial traffic.”

Nevertheless, because we just added an intern, we contacted Apple Corporate and Disney Lucas Films and proposed the concept, with a list of marketing strategies:

  1. Label the new iPhone 8 as iPhone VIII
  2. Replace all light sabers in the movie with iPhones or, at the very least, start calling them iSabers
  3. Give out a free Wookie with each iPhone you buy
  4. Rename the iPhone the StarPhone
  5. Have jedis wage iWar games, where they run around knocking iPhones out of the enemy’s hands (for example, let’s say Snoke is on a very important call from Kylo Ren; at that moment Rey leaps out of the shadows and slaps the phone right out of his hand yelling ‘haha!’ and then runs away – if she steals the phone it’s bonus points – man, it’s fast-paced action mixed with well-placed advertising!)

We’re still waiting for their return call.

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