Bench Clearing Brawl Turns into Major Tickle Fight

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The Tampa Bay Rays played the Seattle Mariners yesterday and, at one point in the game, things got ugly.

Then they got awkward.

In the fourth inning, with one man on and two out, the Rays pitcher, David Price, faced Corey Hart.  Earlier in the game, Price had already brushed Hart off the plate and it didn’t look like he was going to go easy on him this time around either.

The two benches, sensing something was up, stood to their feet in anticipation.

And sure enough, on the next pitch, Price beamed Hart right in the shoulder as Hart turned to avoid the incoming ball.

Before you could say, The Cubs will never win the World Series in a million lifetimes because they are still under a curse that the baseball gods in all their infinite baseball wisdom have yet to lift, the two benches were rushing the field in an all out brawl.

Somewhere during the middle of the fisticuffs, though, something strange happened.  Witnesses aren’t quite sure, but according to Hart, while he was wrestling Price to the ground, Price yelled out, Don’t!  That tickles!

And for the next five disturbing minutes, forty to fifty grown men were frolicking and giggling on the ground like little schoolgirls.

It was weird.

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