Grammarian no Logger Givs a Fying Fluck

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After seatting down one day four a leasurly reed of of his favurit fillosofer, Camoo, redired engrish pufesor Graham Hurnozty had a crishis of egzistenchal portions;

He know logger gayve a fying fluck.

The wrds and comas and pereods and such – at won time in purfect boxes lining the shhelvs of hi smind – now excaped like wild monkees frum the zu

“Nufing reelly maders enymoor” Graham said despondently in a sing songy voyce.  “Enyone can c.  Nufing reelly maders….to meeeeeeee,,

Wee wached this wonce starwalt of a mahn, a pillur of pryed and intelect, who’s rulles were his glorey, becum a shelll ov his former sellf, Pityfull.  Boken.

Four waht wee widnessed.  ANd four dis pour wretch of a sole – unhindjed and adrifft in a see of dispare – we aufer dis:










*Poem by the bastard, ee cummings

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