Scientifically Proven Ways to Tell if You’re Stupid

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According to the Academic Scientists Society of America, there are ten scientifically proven ways to tell if you are a big fat dummy.  After extensive lab tests, brain scans, control groups, and internet surfing, the Society released its initial findings on their website (  The final report will be published in the Journal of American Idiots this fall.

Here is the summation of their findings in an easy to remember top ten list:

1 – If your age is higher than your IQ

2 – If it took you a while to figure out the answer to number one

3 – If you thought the KKK was a Krispy Kreme Kampaign

4 – If you always wanted to visit the Sixteenth Chapel

5 – If you’ve ever said, “I’m literally LMAO right now!”

6 – If you finally heard Whitney Houston sing “I Will Always Love You” and thought, “Oh, that’s one of those Il Divo songs!”

7 – If you thought race relations was an Olympic committee

8 – If you thought Chuck Norris memes were just jokes (someone laughed at Chuck Norris once…that’s right I said ONCE!)

9 – If you thought Donald Trump was actually president (it’s been Nicolas Cage in Face Off 2 the whole time – surprise!)

10 – If movies like Dumb and Dumber are more like a documentary to you

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