Iron E-News Quietly Wins Award over The Onion and Possibly Entire Internet

Iron E-News is proud to announce that it has won the coveted Comment Response Award Prize for the first straight year in a row.

This award, which has been called the Nobel Peace Prize of the Internet, is only given once a year to the news website that exemplifies the highest standards in both news reporting and website design/performance.  However, though this award is actually given to the website that accumulates the greatest number of comments, the former is obviously implied.

This year, Iron E-News far surpassed other notable real news websites such as The Onion and Newsbiscuit as well as various fake news sites such as The New York Times and The Washington Post.

Here is just a taste of the passion and avid commitment from some of our readers:

“good day everyone.  i’m looking for michael monkton.  is he still on here?”  -Gucci handbags (longtime reader, first time commenter)

“Hey, just letting you know that the rss on your site is broken.  See ya!”  -long feather earrings

“hldkhkdldhisjjojkdjksijskjsm.  qqzlipqiiey!”  -askskks

“Incredibly blog greatly that warned me.  God bless.  We didn’t lose the game, we just ran out of time.”  -Vince Lombardi

Because of faithful comments like these, especially from such famous ghosts as Vince Lombardi, Iron E-News is honored to continue it’s pursuit of excellence, and stuff.

*Total number of comments not given since our editors aren’t sure what comes after a gazillion

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