Local Man Gives Up Lent for Lent

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The religious observance of fasting and prayer known as Lent, which began on Wednesday, March 1 and ends Thursday, April 13, is quickly coming to a close.

Observed by many branches of the Christian faithful–from Anglican to Catholic to Lutheran to Methodist and even some Evangelicals–this event is traditionally a time of sacrifice or abstention.

That’s why this year for Lent, local man, Willy Nihly, is abstaining from Lent.

“I felt the best way to observe Lent was to give it up,” Willy offered.  “I mean, what better way to sacrifice than to sacrifice sacrifice?  Or, if I can say it this way, what better way to give up things than to give up giving things up?”

This is Willy’s twentieth time participating so this year of observing non-observance has presented a unique set of challenges.

“Man, it hasn’t been easy doing nothing,” Willy revealed.  “About halfway through I almost gave up giving up giving up.”

We interviewed some of Barry’s close friends to get their take on his observance.

“Mind. Blown,” one friend exclaimed.  “Incredible, really.  I’m surprised the universe didn’t implode.  He’s giving up Lent to observe Lent.  But the fact that he’s doing it for Lent means that he’s giving it up and observing it AT THE SAME TIME!  He’s a walking paradox.”

Another friend had a slightly different take.


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