Newspapers Guilty of Using Kylie Jenner, Beyonce, Kim K, T Swift, Meghan Markle in Headlines for Cheap Traffic

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“Nature abhors a vacuum” and we’re pretty sure this applies here (it’s a complicated metaphor and we don’t have time to explain).  It has come to our attention that the media at large has been using the fame of our brightest stars to generate clicks and garner shallow traffic on their sites.

Despicable. These shimmering goddesses deserve better. They deserve to be treated with the awe and respect that their shimmery awesomeness deserves.

And not have their perfect names sullied and cheapened by the greed of capitalism.

It goes without saying that newspapers need to rediscover the lost values of decency, professionalism, and shivulry. Besides this, T-Swift might just shake it off and write a song about it, taking you and irony all the way to the bank – or credit union – we’re not sure what she uses. But whatever she uses, she’ll take it all the way there.

And then there’s Megan. Did you know she’s marrying a prince – and that that will make her a princess?! That has nothing to do with this article but isn’t it cool?

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