Study Reveals Americans Losing Attention Sp

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Sorry, I just needed to check my phone

A very important research center released a study last week (that we totally read all the way through and enjoyed very much) detailing groundbreaking information on stuff we’re pretty sure you need to know.

We believe it to be crucial that you make it all the way through this article.

According to the findings, most Americans suffer from something similar to this other thing we read about that was really cool.  Basically, they put a group of kids into a “waiting room” and observed their behavior without them knowing it (actually sounds kind of creepy as I’m writing it down).

Which brings up some interesting ethical questions regarding personal privacy and observing children – questions such as what are the ethical questions regarding personal privacy and observing children?

We’re almost certain those questions were not addressed in the original study we mentioned but definitely should have been if they were at all relevant.

According to the center, it took the team much longer to complete their research than they initially anticipated, as they ran into difficulties during the polling stage.

“Basically, it was like interviewing Buddy the Elf the whole time,” one researcher revealed.  “It’s hilarious if you’re watching it in a movie but not so hilarious when you are trying to publish an important study.”

Great movie, by the way.

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