Trump Sets Personal Reading Record during Speech

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This week, during his speech to Congress, President Trump set a personal best for consecutive number of words read in one sitting.

And just so the Times couldn’t refute it, his speech (read from a teleprompter) was recorded for the world, for posterity, and for Trump–to watch and re-watch in between tweeting sessions with Congress.

In addition to the reading record, he also set a record for number of near-presidential things to come from his mouth.

“Trump is on fire,” tweeted one supporter.  “This just proves that he is not the fashist dictator that the fake media says he is.”

“They just got Trumped!” read another tweet.  “Look at him all knowlegable and stuffs!”

In honor of World Reading Day, the organization has noted the president’s accomplishment on their website, outdone only by the most precocious of first graders.

“Impressive,” one first grader commented.  “If he keeps on practicing, who knows how much he could read!”

“Awesome job, Mr. Trump!” exclaimed another six year old.  “We love to read too!”

The president’s Twitter account was flooded with encouraging tweets from our nation’s elementary students with the now popular hashtag #Trumpreads.

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