Google Apologizes for Inserting Creepy Subliminal Message in Name

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MOUNTAINVIEW, CA–Larry Page, co-founder and CEO of the mammoth search engine known to the world as Google, released a shocking admission and subsequent apology yesterday for intentionally placing harmful subliminal messages into the name of his informational superhighway.

It appears that the name Google was chosen simply because it contained the suggestion, “Go ogle”.  And though, initially, he had gone back and forth between “Awkwardgoggles” and “Peepers” he eventually went with the former because of its subtlety.

“I am grieved at my own sophomoric actions,” revealed Page. “And I bear full responsibility for the millions and millions of oglers out there ogling both day and night, completely unaware of the message planted under the threshold of their conscious perception.”

Not surprisingly, surveys and police reports across the country have showed a steady increase in all kinds of ogling since the late nineties: random acts of ogling, drive-by ogling, ogling reality TV shows, etc.

After the official statement, Mr. Page told Iron E-News privately that everyone could expect a name change in the immediate future.

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