Five Myths about Myths

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1.  Myths actually exist (subtle double/triple meaning not intentional…or was it?).

2.  Some myths are perceived as greater or lesser myths based on the author, appropriate contextual language, and frequency of dragons (for the reason why number 2 is a myth please refer to number 1).

*As a clarification to number two, in the historical sciences, these myths are termed as Mythy Myths and are more mythy or less mythy based on their score in the official Rubric for Accurately Designating Mythy Myths and Legendary Legends.  This has led to such common expressions among scholars as “That’s the mythiest myth I’ve ever come across!”

3.  Any jokes or puns used to connect the word “myth” with “miss” are funny.

4.  Any jobs related to the study or creation of myths are actual jobs (again, refer to 1).

5.  Putting -ology at the end of “myth” makes one a scholar (refer to 1 and 4; however, it must be conceded that putting -ology at the end of words certainly makes one feel scholarly, and should generally be encouraged).

*The closest things to real myths are things like the difference between a Republican and a Democrat running for the presidency, the connection between reality TV and reality, the claim that religion has a monopoly on myths, and whether this article itself classifies as a myth.

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