Poll: ‘Your Mom’ is Still Funny

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According to a survey conducted by the American Research Society, thirty-something-year old men all over the world are still responding randomly to questions with the phrase, “your mom”.

And finding it funny.

Even after decades of usage, and even after research has shown it to be nearly impossible for “your mom” to be an adequate or appropriate answer to every question, it hasn’t seemed to grow tired or old.

For example, “What is two times two?”

“Your mom.” (we know to be incorrect because it’s usually four)

Or, “What was Einstein’s inspiration for the theory of relativity?”

“Your mom.” (we also know to be untrue since your mom isn’t a day over 30)

“This juvenile response,” the Society reported, “similar to ‘bathroom’ humor, has amazing comedic resiliency among actual grown men, even though it may be used on a constant basis and over the span of many, many years.”

Incidentally, the team who conducted the survey reported difficulties with being able to complete their research on time.  One pollster even quit, citing constant frustrations during the interviews.

Researcher: What is your name?

Respondent: Your mom.

Researcher: Yes, yes, I know – very funny.  That is what this survey is about.

Respondent: Your mom is very funny.

Researcher: She is actually – thank you.  And that’s a great segue to our main question: “Do you find the response, ‘your mom’, to still be funny?”

Respondent: Your mom finds responses to ‘your mom’ to still be funny.

End of recording

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